A Regular Meeting of the Council of the Village of Montrose held in the council chambers on February 3, 1998.

Present:                        Mayor M. Walsh

                        Councillor D. Berriault

                        Councillor R. Clarke

                        Councillor G. Parker

                        Councillor P. Stone

                        Administrator A. Carrel

Absent:                        Nil

                        Call to Order

                        Mayor Walsh called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.


                        Moved by Councillor Clarke

                        Seconded by Councillor Berriault

                        That the agenda of Regular Meeting #4-98 be approved as circulated.



                        Moved by Councillor Berriault

                        Seconded by Councillor Clarke

                        That the minutes of the Regular Meeting #2-98 of January 20, 1998 be adopted as circulated.




                        Business Arising From The Minutes

Mitch Holdings A  memorandum from the administrator concerning the completion of the work required under Development Permit No. 1995-1 (Lot 2, Block 8, Plan 2352

                        Moved by Councillor Berriault

                        Seconded by Councillor Clarke

                        That Mitch Holdings Ltd. be granted an extension to March 31, 1998 to complete section 3a of Development Permit No. 1995-1 (Lot 2, Block 8, Plan 2352.



UBCM Symposium on new Local Government Legislation.

                        Acknowledged.  Councillor Stone may attend.

Girl Guides Invitation, Hike for Hunger.


Music Festival Nelson Music Festival, request for funds.

                        The organization is to be provided with a grant application form.

UBCM 1998 Provincial Transfers retained at 1997 levels.


APB Role of local government in environmental matters.  Request for support of Biologists Act.


MIA Risk Management Tidbits.


Forest Alliance Request for donation.


B. McMahon Concern about decision to hire Rossland City Administrator on a part-time basis.

                        A reply to Mr. McMahon is to be drafted for review by Council.

UBCM Report on Municipal Act Reform survey.


Soc. Improv. Request for playground equipment donation.

B.V. Schools Moved by Councillor Clarke

                        Seconded by Councillor Berriault

                        That a letter be sent to the Society inquiring about the role Montrose occupies in the Society’s activities.


ICBC Insurance Rate Comparison.


New Westminster Changes to the Builders Lien Act.

                        The administrator will provide Council with a legal brief on the Builders Lien Act and how it affects municipalities.

H/S Foundation Request to proclaim the month of February as ‘Heart Month

                        Moved by Councillor Clarke

                        Seconded by Councillor Parker

                        That the month of February be proclaimed ‘Heart Month’ in the Village of Montrose.


RDKB Notice of a Public Private Partnership Workshop at 7:00 PM, February 17, 1998.

                        Councillor Berriault will attend.

                        Moved by Councillor Berriault

                        Seconded by Councillor Clarke

                        That the correspondence be received and dealt with as directed.


                        Minutes From Other Agencies




                        Committee Reports

Councillor Stone Reminded Council of the budget meeting at 4:00 PM, Wednesday, February 4, 1998.

                        Requested a report with a list of all business licenses issued.

Councillor Clarke Dates are under consideration for the Seniors’ Dinner and Family Fun Day.

                        RDKB is reviewing the funding process for recreation, considering definitions and common base lines for the determination of costs.

                        RDKB has adopted regulations to double the building permit fee where construction is started without a permit.

                        RDKB has adopted new zoning regulations for garden shed setbacks in rural areas.

                        Building permit statistics for all RDKB jurisdictions were circulated.

                        Notice of a March 20 West Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital District Symposium at Selkirk College.

                        Requested confirmation of the Village engineers with respect to work performed in conjunction with the Golden Acre Ventures Ltd. subdivision.

Councillor Berriault Reported on a safety meeting with the Village crew.  A Vancouver video on work in confined spaces was shown.

                        Requested that consideration be given to the joint acquisition/use of a garbage truck for Montrose and Fruitvale.

Councillor Parker No report.

Administrator Report on Accounts Payable Inquiry, chq #2370 & chq #2382

                        Report on draft Council Meeting Procedure Bylaw.

                        Referred for consideration in conjunction with Bylaw #528.

                        Report on Golden Acre Ventures Ltd. Rezoning Request.

                        Moved by Councillor Stone

                        Seconded by Councillor Clarke

                        That an amendment to the Zoning Bylaw be prepared to consolidate the R2 and R2(d) zones, and

                        That a report be prepared in preparation listing all non-conforming uses for consideration in an amendment to the Zoning Bylaw, and

                        That Golden Acre Ventures Ltd. be advised of Council’s intent to amend the R2 Zone to included duplex dwelling units as permitted uses.


Mayor Walsh Inquired about the completion date for painting the Community Hall doors.

                        Requested that prices be obtained for the Community Hall entrance upgrading project.

                        Requested an appointment from Council to the RCMP’s Community Policing Committee.

                        Moved by Councillor Clarke

                        Seconded by Councillor Stone

                        That the Councillor responsible for Protective Services represent Council on the RCMP’s Community Policing Committee.



                        Financial matters

Accounts Payable Moved by Councillor Stone

                        Seconded by Councillor Clarke

                        That the commitments and expenditures represented by the accounts payable listed below be authorized and that their payment in the amount of ELEVEN THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED NINETY-SIX DOLLARS AND TWENTY-THREE CENTS ($11,496.23) in total be approved:

                        Cheques #2389 to 2413 inclusive $ 11,496.23

                        TOTAL NET CURRENT EXPENDITURE $ 11,496.23



#526 Moved by Councillor Clarke

                        Seconded by Councillor Stone

                        That Bylaw #526, cited as the Council Meetings Procedures Bylaw be now introduced and read a first time.


                        An amendment to section 6(1) to permit council meetings to be held in locations other than Council Chambers was requested prior to returning the Bylaw for second reading.



                        New Business

M.  Howell Runaway truck, request for barricade.

                        It is to be recommended to Mr. Howell that the RCMP be notified of the reported incident, and that the District Highway Manager of the Ministry of Transportation and Highways be notified of the incident, and the frequency of such incidents, and that he be invited to meet with Council to discuss this and other Highway Department issues.


                        On a motion by Councillor Berriault, the meeting adjourned at  8:15 PM.



I hereby certify the preceding to be a true and correct account of the Regular Meeting #03-98 of Council held on February 3, 1998.




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                    Mayor          Acting Clerk