A Regular Meeting of the Council of the Village of Montrose held in the council chambers on July 7, 1998.

Present:                      Mayor M. Walsh

                                    Councillor D. Berriault

                                    Councillor G. Parker

                                    Administrator A. Carrel

Absent:                      Councillor R. Clarke

                                    Councillor P. Stone

                                    Call to Order

                                    Mayor Walsh called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.


                                    Moved by Councillor Parker

                                    Seconded by Councillor Berriault

                                    That the agenda of Regular Meeting #22-98 be adopted as circulated.



B. Deyotte                 A presentation on behalf of the Fitness/Recreation Centre Committee with a request for the Village to approve $3,000 to fund an architectural design concept for a Fitness/Recreation Centre to be located on the old pool site.

                                    Councillor Parker moved that and expenditure of $3,000 be approved for a Fitness/Recreation Centre concept design.  There was no seconder for the motion.


                                    Moved by Councillor Parker

                                    Seconded by Councillor Berriault

                                    That the minutes of the Regular Meeting #20-98 of June 16, 1998 be adopted as circulated.


                                    Consent Calendar

                                    Moved by Councillor Berriault

                                    Seconded by Councillor Parker

                                    That the Consent Calendar including:

                                    1.     1998 Beaver Valley Grads;

                                    2.     UBCM - update of Attorney General issues;

                                    3.     UBCM - Current Bills in Legislature;

                                    4.     UBCM - Barrett Commission Report on Leaky Condos;

                                    5.     Minutes - RDKB May 21, 1998;

                                    6.     Minutes - RD Community Services Commission June 16, 1998;

                                    7.     MIA Risk Management Tidbits, and

                                    8.     Minutes - School District No 20 - 98-06-15

                                    be accepted as circulated.



Corps of Com.          Questions were raised on two entries in the June 1998 Corps of Commissionaires report:

                                    a)   June 17 “truck moved from alley”, and

                                    b)   June 18 “excessive smoke complaint (ongoing)”

                                    The Administrator will provide explanations to these entries at the next meeting.   

                                    Motions & Submissions


                                    Referrals From Prior Meetings

CHC                            Handydart Service.

                                    Referred to the next meeting.

Discussion Paper       It was agreed to extend the period for receiving comments to the draft position paper “The Community Identity of the Village of Montrose” until the end of July.   

UBCM                         Nominations for Executive Positions.

                                    Referred to the next meeting.

DESCO                       Proposal for water service partnership.

                                    The Administrator was directed to provide information on what level of utility service Terminal City Iron Works could provide to the Village.


MoTH-Grant               Notification of Canada/British Columbia Infrastructure Works project #B98IW0590 in the amount of $100,000 for the repaving of 7th Street and 9th Avenue.


Masset                        Request for support of Infrastructure Works surplus fund allocation.


Gouk, M.P.                 Support for post office bulletin board.


UBCM                         Election legislation review questionnaire.


BC Ambulance         Copy of a letter from Councillor Stone to BC Ambulance service on the value of the Trail airport to the ambulance service.


BCMSA                       Compliance with new Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, Risk Assessments and Programs.


G. Lenarduzzi             Notice of transfer of Montrose School Principal to Kinnaird Middle School in Castlegar.


Canada Post             Notice that Council’s proposal for the retention of the Post Office notice board is under investigation.


                                    Reports & Memoranda

ST Priorities                  Administrator’s Short-Term Priorities Progress Report



LT Priorities                  Administrator’s Long-Term Priorities Progress Report


Fitness Centre           Administrator’s recommendation for the funding of the design for a Montrose Recreation/Fitness Centre.

                                    Referred to the next meeting.

RDKB Budgets            Administrator’s report on Regional Recreation Budgets.

                                    The Administrator was directed to draft a letter for Council’s consideration on the subject of the RDKB’s regional recreation capital budget process.

Software                     Administrator’s report on costs relating to the software sharing agreement.

                                    Moved by Councillor Berriault

                                    Seconded by Councillor Parker

                                    That the Computer Software Sharing Agreement with the City of Rossland be finalized on the basis of a monthly cost of $359.12 for the acquisition of the software and the communications link.


Building Security        Administrator’s report on proposals for a building security system for the Village office, shop and community hall.

                                    Referred to the 1999 Budget.

                                    Financial matters

Budgets                      Administrator’s report and recommendation for budget adjustments.

                                    Referred to the next meeting.

Accounts Payable   Moved by Councillor Berriault

                                    Seconded by Councillor Parker

                                    That the commitments and expenditures represented by the accounts payable listed below be authorized and that their payment in the amount of SIXTY-TWO THOUSAND AND TWO-HUNDRED THIRTY-FOUR dollars and SEVENTY-TWO cents ($62,234.72) in total be approved:

                                    Cheques #2654 to 2681 inclusive                                    $  62,234.72

                                    TOTAL NET CURRENT EXPENDITURE                                  $  62,234.72





#0710                         The Administrator presented a draft policy to establish a maintenance schedule for the Village parks.

                                    Referred to the next meeting.

                                      Member Reports & Inquiries

Councillor Stone       A written report:

                                    a)   Offering qualified support for funding by the Village of a fitness recreation facility concept design;

                                    b)   Referring to apparently confusing information concerning the value and use of the Trail airport for medical evacuations.



Councillor Clarke      A written report:

                                    a)   Success of Family Fund Days;

                                    b)   Support for funding by the Village of the recreation/fitness centre concept design.

                                    c)   The request by RDKB Chair Hennig and Services Chair Hardie for a meeting with the Mayor to discuss the Village’s letter on the subject of the RDKB’s handling of the WCB’s report regarding the Beaver Valley Pool collapse.

                                    d)   Notice of a July 22 meeting for the B.V. recreation/cultural groups on the topic of B.V. recreation facility proposals.

Councillor Parker       Reported on the flash flood recently experienced in the area at the top of the new 12th Avenue stairs.

Councillor Berriault    Requested that a letter of appreciation be sent to the Ministry of Transportation & Highways for having relocated the speed limit signs and having repaired the intersection pavement.

Mayor Walsh              a)   Confirmed that the Community Hall sign will be changed;

                                    b)   the basket ball hoops have been installed;

                                    c)   received complaints about tree branches encroaching into the vehicle space along several alleys and some streets.  Request that appropriate action be taken.    


                                    On a motion by Councillor Berriault, the meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.

I hereby certify the preceding to be a true and correct account of the Regular Meeting #22-98 of Council held on July 7, 1998.



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                                                      Mayor                                                                Clerk