A Regular Meeting of the Council of the Village of Montrose held in the Council Chambers on October 20, 1998.

Present:                        Acting Mayor G. Parker

                        Councillor D. Berriault

                        Councillor R. Clarke

                        Councillor P. Stone

                        Administrator A. Carrel

Absent:                        Mayor M. Walsh

                        Call to Order

                        Acting Mayor Parker called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.


                        Moved by Councillor Berriault

                        Seconded by Councillor Stone

                        That the agenda of Regular Meeting #32-98 be amended by adding item 7(1), Computer Software Sharing Agreement, and that the agenda be adopted as amended.



RCMP Cpl. J. Stochmanski presented the RCMP’s third quarterly report for the year with Montrose crime statistics, comparing the July-September 1998 period to that of 1999. Cpl. Stochmanski assured Council that the local detachment is not affected by the current RCMP budget problems. He further advised Council that one Auxiliary Member is now in service, and that the status of the other two is still under consideration.


                        Moved by Councillor Berriault

                        Seconded by Councillor Stone

                        That the minutes of the Regular Meeting #31-98 of October 6, 1998 be corrected by changing the resolution on Bylaw #532 to third reading, and that the minutes be adopted as corrected.


                        Consent Calendar

                        Moved by Councillor Stone

                        Seconded by Councillor Berriault

                        That the Consent Calendar including:

                        1.                        September Building Permit Report, and

                        2.                        UBCM Update on beverage containers

                   be accepted as circulated.


                        Motions & Submissions


                        Referrals From Prior Meetings

Computers Moved by Stone

                        Seconded by Berriault

                        That the Computer software Sharing Agreement between the Village of Montrose and the Corporation of the City of Rossland for the sharing of computer software over the period of June 1, 1998 to May 31, 2003 be approved.



UBCM Notice of 1999 and 2000 Convention Hotels.

                        Council recommended that four rooms be booked at the Renaissance Vancouver Hotel for 1999 and four rooms at the Executive House Hotel in Victoria for 2000.

UBCM Notice of Local Government Planner and Calendar sale.

                        Council requested one Local Government Planner for Councillor Stone and one Local Government Calendar for Council Chambers.

UBCM Notice of National Space Day designation.

                        Council directed that National Space Day be added to the Schedule of Proclamations of Policy #0120.

J. Gouk, MP                        Information on RCMP budget cuts.


MFA                        Subscription renewal notice, Cordillera Institute Journal.


MIA                        Notice of 1999 liability insurance premiums and deductible options.

                        The Administrator was directed to prepare a report on the Village’s liability insurance premiums and claims experience.

RDKB - On-Call Response the Village inquiry concerning on-call service available from the Regional Fire Service.

                        The Administrator was directed to further explore the possibility of an on-call system without the use of pagers.

APEG Findings in response the Village inquiry concerning conflicting engineering advice received in respect to the Golden Acre Subdivision.


USL Suggestion for the examination of pump performance to determine the extent of the well rehabilitation work necessary.

                        Moved by Councillor Stone

                        Seconded by Councillor Clarke

                        That a pump test, as outlined in the Urban Systems Ltd. Report of October 20, 1998, be commissioned for both Village well pumps.


                        Reports & Memoranda

Townhall Meeting Administrator - Draft agenda for the November 25 Townhall Meeting.

                        Referred to the meeting of November 3, 1998.

Garbage Bags Administrator - Recommendation for the purchase of 100,000 garbage bags and the implementation of a fee per bag system to replace the current flat rate garbage service.

                        Moved by Councillor Clarke

                        Seconded by Councillor Stone

                        That the quote by Unisource Canada Inc. for the supply of custom garbage bags, dated October 13, 1998, be accepted and that 100,000 bags be purchased.


Infrastructure Administrator - Recommendation for a Townhall presentation and February referendum for a $300,000 debenture to finance the upgrading of the Village’s two lift station and the rehabilitation of the well pumps.

                        Referred to the Townhall Meeting agenda.

                        Financial matters

Accounts Payable Moved by Councillor Stone

                        Seconded by Councillor Berriault

                        That the commitments and expenditures represented by the accounts payable listed below be authorized and that their payment in the amount of NINE THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED SIXTY-TWO dollars and THIRTY-SEVEN cents ($9,962.37) in total be approved:

                        Cheques #2851 to 2873 inclusive $ 9,962.37

                        TOTAL NET CURRENT EXPENDITURE $ 9,962.37


Remembrance Day Notice from the Royal Canadian Legion regarding the purchase and laying of a Remembrance Day wreath.

                        Moved by Councillor Stone

                        Seconded by Councillor Clarke

                        That the Village purchase a #20 Wreath to be placed by Mayor Walsh.


Nite Hawks Request for the purchase of a $75 ad in the Beaver Valley Nite Hawks program.



#532 Moved by Councillor Clarke

                        Seconded by Councillor Stone

                        That Bylaw #532, cited as the “Montrose Recreation Commission Bylaw 133 Amendment Bylaw 532”, having been reconsidered and having met all prerequisites for final adoption, be now finally adopted, sealed and signed by the Mayor and the Clerk.


#533 Moved by Councillor Berriault

                        Seconded by Councillor Clarke

                        That Bylaw #533, cited as the “Encroachment Bylaw”, having been given due and detailed consideration by Council, be now read a second time.


#534 Moved by Councillor Clarke

                        Seconded by Councillor Berriault

                        That Bylaw #534, cited as the “Sewer Rental Rates Amendment Bylaw No. 534 (1998)”, be now introduced and read a first time.


#535 Moved by Councillor Berriault

                        Seconded by Councillor Clarke

                        That Bylaw #535, cited as the “Garbage Collection Rates Bylaw No. 535 (1998)”, be now introduced and read a first time.





                        Member Reports & Inquiries

Councillor Stone a) Inquired of the bush missing from the Community Hall planter had been recovered.

                        b) Reported that the water shut-off in the vicinity of 3rd and 10th needed to be raised as the depression represents a hazard.

Councillor Clarke a) Advised that an announcement to artisans has been published in The Source.

                        b) The Regional Fire Service is proceeding with the appointment of on-call firefighters for #4 hall (Trail).

                        c) The Columbia Basin Trust has assigned $94,000 for projects in the Greater Trail area.

                        d) The repair of the cracks in the B.V. arena’s concrete pads have failed; the pad may have to be replaced; but an engineer’s inspection of the buildings roof structure revealed no problems.

                        e) The Minister of Municipal Affairs has proposed terms of reference and suggested names of possible mediators in the matter of the City of Rossland dispute with the RDKB. The RDKB will circulate the Minister’s proposal to municipalities for comment.

                        f) The Montrose provisional budget for an adjustment to the rental rate of the fire hall and the fire hydrant was taken under consideration.

                        g) Free access to the land fill for the fall clan-up campaign will be scheduled during one week in November.

Councillor Berriault No report.

A/Mayor Parker Reported a hazard near the storm drain in the area of the 11th Ave water line break.

Administrator Reported that staff training for the new accounting software program was in progress, and that the change in work schedules introduced with the new collective agreement has been successfully implemented.


                        On a motion by Councillor Berriault, the meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.

I hereby certify the preceding to be a true and correct account of the Regular Meeting #32-98 of Council held on October 20, 1998.




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                  Mayor                     Clerk