A Regular Meeting of the Council of the Village of Montrose held in the Council Chambers on March 2, 1999.

Present:                      Mayor M. Walsh

                                    Councillor D. Berriault

                                    Councillor R. Clarke

                                    Councillor G. Parker

                                    Councillor P. Stone

                                    Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Grace Terness

Absent:                      Administrator A. Carrel

                                    Call to Order

                                    Mayor Walsh called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.


                                    Moved by Councillor Berriault

                                    Seconded by Councillor Parker

                                    That the agenda of Regular Meeting #5-99 be adopted as circulated.





                                    Moved by Councillor Berriault

                                    Seconded by Councillor Parker

                                    That the minutes of Regular Meeting #4-99 of February 16, 1999 be adopted as circulated.


                                    Consent Calendar

                                    Moved by Councillor Stone

                                    Seconded by Councillor Berriault

                                    That the Consent Calendar including:

(1)  Alpine Environmental - Recycling Summary

                           (2)   UBCM - Meeting with the Premier

(3)   Comments - Gordon Henke

                           (4)   BC Hydro - Y2K

(5)   Local Government Grants Application Received

(6)   Minutes - RDKB Board of Directors - Jan 28/99

(7)   Minutes - RDKB Community Services Commission Feb 9/99

(8)   Minutes - RDKB Community Services Commission Feb 16/99                                           

                                    (9)   Bylaw Enforcement February Report

                               be accepted as circulated.



                                    Discussion on item 8 -  R. D. Community Services Commission         Minutes of February 16th and how the square footage and the         capital costs of a Montrose Recreation Community Centre                                     required was arrived at.

                                    Motions & Submissions


                                    Referrals From Prior Meetings

                                    1999 Meeting & Agenda Schedule -


Village of Fruitvale      Garbage Collection Services

                                    Bring to Administrator’s attention

Arrow IFPA                 Request for Meeting


Trail                              Invitation to Parade

                                    Refer to Montrose Recreation Commission

BV Nursery School    Request to waive Montrose Community Hall Rental fee

                                    Moved by Councillor Clarke

                                    Seconded by Councillor Stone

                                    That the fee to rent the basement of the Montrose Community Hall for a garage sale be waived.  The $50 Damage & Cleaning Deposit will have to be paid and stipulation that the janitor will not need to do any cleanup afterwards.


RDKB                           Building Safety Week

                                    Moved by Councillor Clarke

                                    Seconded by Councillor Berriault

                                    That April 4 to April 10, 1999 be recognized and proclaimed as “Building Safety Week”.


                                    Reports & Memoranda

                                    Financial matters

Accounts Payable   Moved by Councillor

                                    Seconded by Councillor

                                    That the commitments and expenditures represented by the accounts payable listed below be authorized and that their payment in the amount of TWENTY SIX THOUSAND FIVE dollars and FIFTY-TWO cents ($26,005.52) in total be approved:

                                    Cheques #3062 to #3082 inclusive                                 $  26,005.52

                                    TOTAL NET CURRENT EXPENDITURE                                  $  26,005.52






#541                           Moved by Councillor Stone

                                    Seconded by Councillor Berriault

                                    That Bylaw #541, cited as the “Official Community Plan Amending Bylaw - Social Policies”, be read a second time.



                                    Member Reports & Inquiries

Councillor Stone       A verbal report:

                                    a)   Discussed equipment agreements between municipalities

                                    b)   Requested staff obtain Millennium Celebration Application Forms   

Councillor Clarke      A verbal report:

                                    a)   PAC report

                                    b)   Easter Egg Hunt - Saturday April 3rd

c)    Fire Hall Renovation Report for the Source

d)    Possible Open House to view art work displayed in foyer prior to the April 6, 1999 Council Meeting

e)    Staff to send thank you note to XL Quality Industrial Services for making hooks for our art displays

f)      Need to begin work on a garbage survey - Councillor Stone would be willing to work with staff

g)    Discussed recycling statistics

Councillor Berriault    A verbal report:

                                    a)   Transit January passenger count to Red Mtn - 845

                                    b)   Works report

c)    Services Commission - advised of Montrose’s Recreation Operation and Capital Grants

d)    Discussion of replacement for playground equipment, purchase of basketball hoops and tennis nets recommend

Councillor Parker       A written report:

a)    Community Consultative Group report:

·         RCMP Amalgamation

·        Drinking & driving - requested ICBC be invited to Montrose Family Fun Day with drunk simulation goggles

·        Request for a grant from Montrose Council - referred to March 16th Meeting

Mayor Walsh              A verbal report:

                                    a)   8th Avenue “No Dumping” sign defaced again

b)    8th Avenue Handrail please repair - missing lower rail

c)    Questioned by resident as why 300 block alley between 8th and 9th  Avenue is not plowed



Deputy Clerk             A written report:

a)    Working on Y2K

b)    Awaiting contact from BC Central Credit Union regarding utility/tax prepayment plan - review with Administrator

c)    Beaver Valley Youth Centre  lease agreement -  review with Administrator

d)    Policy required re:  birthday, anniversary acknowledgment.

Moved by Councillor Berriault

Seconded by Councillor Parker

That  a letter of congratulations be sent to Mrs. Wolf on attaining her 91st Birthday.


e)    Reported on fire extinguishers taken from hall  - they have been found, need to be recharged.


                                    On a motion by Councillor Berriault, the meeting adjourned at 8:30  PM.





I hereby certify the preceding to be a true and correct account of the Regular Meeting #5-99 of Council held on March 2, 1999.




                          _________________________               _________________________

                                                      Mayor                                                         Deputy Clerk