A Regular Meeting of the Council of the Village of Montrose held in the Council Chambers on April 27, 1999.

Present:                      Mayor M. Walsh

                                    Councillor R. Clarke

                                    Councillor G. Parker

                                    Councillor P. Stone

                                    Administrator A. Carrel

Absent:                      Councillor D. Berriault

                                    Call to Order

                                    Mayor Walsh called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.


                                    Moved by Councillor Parker

                                    Seconded by Councillor Clarke

                                    That the revised agenda for Regular Meeting #9-99 be adopted as circulated.



Auditor’s Report        Mr. D. Catalano of L. Soligo & Associates Ltd. presented the Village’s audited financial report for the year 1998.

Airport Committee   Mr. Phil Malloy made a presentation in support of the Trail regional airport requesting:

                                    1.   Resolution in support of the continued operation of the Trail regional airport;

                                    2.   Support for the RDKB’s request for a long-term commitment from Cominco for the airport property;

                                    3.   A study by the RDKB of improvements for the Trail regional airport, and

                                    4.   The establishment of the RDKB’s Airport Advisory Committee.

RCMP Report            Cpl. Stochmanski presented the crime statistics for Montrose for the first quarter of 1999.

Brenda Deyotte        Presentation on behalf of the Montrose community group offering to support Council in its efforts to realize a new recreation facility in Montrose.

                                    Request to undertake a community survey to determine the community’s vision for a new recreation facility in Montrose.

                                    Request that the tennis courts be cleaned up, that the surface be repaired, and that the birch trees in the proximity of the courts be pruned or removed.

                                    Request for a long-term commitment to upgrade the tennis courts.

Robert Matthes         Presentation on behalf of Montrose parents requesting:

                                    a)    a review of the School Board’s process regarding the Montrose school closure;

                                    b)    an examination of possible avenues that could be pursued to reverse the decision;

                                    c)    legal council on the possibility of a Class Action lawsuit against the School Board;

                                    d)    provision of legal assistance and guidance throughout the campaign the preserve the school;

                                    e)    a review of the financial documentation used by the School Board to justify the closure of the Montrose school, and

                                    f)     an examination of the possibility of withholding school taxes.

J. McConnachie       Request for the creation of a single family/duplex zone for the Golden Acre subdivision.


                                    Moved by Councillor Clarke

                                    Seconded by Councillor Parker

                                    That the minutes of Regular Meeting #7-99 of April 6, 1999, be adopted as circulated.


                                    Moved by Councillor Stone

                                    Seconded by Councillor Clarke

                                    That the minutes of Special Meeting #8-99 of April 13, 1999, be adopted as circulated.


                                    Consent Calendar

                                    Moved by Councillor Clarke

                                    Seconded by Councillor Parker

                                    That the Consent Calendar including:

                                    (1)   Minister of Municipal Affairs, UBCM Joint Council;

                                    (2)   Community Hall Food Premises Report;

                                    (3)   Refrigerator Recovery Program;

(4)     Kootenay Boundary Transportation Study;

(5)     MIA Risk Management;

(6)     UBCM - Homeowner Protection Office;

(7)     Budget 99 Highlights, and

(8)     Small Community Grants Protection

                               be accepted as circulated.


                                    Note change of address to transportation study.

                                    Motions & Submissions


                                    Referrals From Prior Meetings

Meeting Schedule    A review of the 1999 Meeting & Agenda Schedule.

                                    The Administrator’s evaluation was rescheduled to May 19, 1999.


RDKB                           A recommendation for public safety at the pool site.


                                    Council requested confirmation that the pool insurance funds was not being used for the purpose of maintaining the site.


SD #20                        Response to Council’s correspondence on Official Community Plan policies for the school.


City of Trail                 An invitation to participate in Silver City Days festivities.

                                    Council will join the parade but not the bocce tournament.

City of Kelowna        An invitation to contribute to a Millennium Time Capsule.


SD #20                        Draft policy on joint and reciprocal use agreements.


Village of Fruitvale    Notice of intent to negotiate a garbage collection contract.


L & S Colussi               Suggestions for the next townhall meeting, distribution of utility statements, regulation of the garbage service, composting, sprinkling regulations and dust control.

                                    Council appreciated the suggestions.

PW Assoc.                  Proclamation request for National Public Works Week.

                                    Moved by Councillor Parker

                                    Seconded by Councillor Clarke

                                    That the week of May 16 to 22 be proclaimed National Public Works Week, and that the proclamation be added to the Proclamation Policy Schedule.


WCB                            Proclamation request for Day of Mourning.


BV Lions Club             An additional contribution of $100 for the Montrose Park fountain project.

                                    Council appreciated the contribution, and the Mayor will be investigating an alternate site for the proposed fountain.

City of Trail                 Request for nominations for Greater Trail Home of Champions Society.

                                    Referred to the next meeting.

City of Port Moody  Notice of resolution concerning provincial funding for local government.


Nat. Firearms Ass.      Proclamation request for Firearms Awareness Week.


BC Tel                         Notice of construction project on 3rd Street.

                                    Council requested information from BC Tel on the number of new poles to be installed.

ICBC                           Correction of AKBM announcement of Game Plan policy.



City of Trail                 Copy of a letter to the Minister of International Trade on the US/Canada Softwood Lumber Agreement.


RDKB                           Request for nominations to the Airport Advisory Committee.

                                    Council asked that Mr. Wilf Ashby be invited to represent the Village on the RDKB’s Trail Regional Airport Advisory Committee.

                                    Council also asked that the RDKB be advised that the name of the Montrose Mayor is Mike Walsh.

RDKB                           Rejection of Council’s request for the transfer of the pool insurance funds.

                                    Council requested that a draft response be prepared for consideration by Council at the next meeting.

SD #20                        Rejection of Council’s request to keep the Montrose school operational.

                                    Moved by Councillor Clarke

                                    Seconded by Councillor Stone

                                    That a letter be addressed to the Minister of Education to request that he deny the Montrose school closure request, and that a formal complaint be filed with the Ombudsman to protest concerning the process by which the school closure decision was made.


Trail Youth Baseball   Request for an add in the 1999 Championship program.


Golden Acres            Application to rezone 27 lots in the Golden Acre subdivision for development as single or two family residential use.

                                    Council requested a staff report on the request.

RG Contracting        A quote for the reconstruction of the 11th Avenue retaining wall (Golden Acre Subdivision).


                                    Reports & Memoranda

Capital Projects        Administrator – proposal from R.G. Contracting Ltd. For renovations to the Village Office.

                                    Referred to the May 29, 1999, Strategic Planning meeting.

Community Hall        Administrator – report on Community Hall rental survey.

                                    Council requested a cost recovery report for the Community Hall and referred the matter to the meeting of May 19, 1999.

Ball Park Mtce           Administrator – Recommendations for scheduling and notification of ball park maintenance.

                                    Moved by Councillor Clarke

                                    Seconded by Councillor Parker

                                    That the recommendation of the report, to

                                    1)     schedule all practices, games and uses of the park,

                                    2)     prepare a maintenance schedule in coordination with the user schedule,

                                    3)     post the maintenance schedule,

                                    4)     close the park when it is unsuitable for use,

                                    5)     purchase “Playing Field Closed” and “Caution - Playing Field Not Prepare - Use At Your Own Risk” signs

                                    for the Montrose Park.


                                    Council requested a program and cost estimate to prune and replace the trees on the bank above the tennis court be prepared for consideration.

Strategic Plan            Administrator – Summary of achievements of the 1998 Strategic Planning Workshop.

                                    Council noted that long-term priority #9 - Bylaw Enforcement - did achieve a positive result with the enforcement of the “No Stopping” zone at the school.

General Matters       Deputy Clerk – Report on recycling area clean-up, community hall floor, and vandalism at the community hall.


                                    Financial matters

Accounts Payable   Moved by Councillor Stone

                                    Seconded by Councillor Clarke

                                    That the commitments and expenditures represented by the accounts payable listed below be authorized and that their payment in the amount of TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED AND THIRTY-NINE dollars and EIGHTY-SIX cents ($25,439.86) in total be approved:

                                    Cheques #3139 to #3182 inclusive                                 $  25,439.86

                                    TOTAL NET CURRENT EXPENDITURE                                  $  25,439.86


                                    Council approved of, and appreciated, the revised format of the accounts payable listing.


#542                           Moved by Councillor Clarke

                                    Seconded by Councillor Stone

                                    That Bylaw #542, cited as the “1999 Annual Operating Budget Bylaw”, be now read a third time.


#543                           Moved by Councillor Parker

                                    Seconded by Councillor Clarke

                                    That Bylaw #543, cited as the “1999 Property Tax Rate Bylaw”, be now read a third time.


#544                           Moved by Councillor Clarke

                                    Seconded by Councillor Parker

                                    That Bylaw #544, cited as the “1999 Sewer & Water Loan Authorization Bylaw”, be introduced and read a first time.




#544                           Moved by Councillor Parker

                                    Seconded by Councillor Clarke

                                    That Bylaw #544, cited as the “1999 Sewer & Water Loan Authorization Bylaw”, having been given due and detailed consideration, be now read a second and third time.


#545                           Moved by Councillor Parker

                                    Seconded by Councillor Stone

                                    That Bylaw #545, cited as the “Tax and Utilities Prepayment Plan Bylaw”, be introduced and read a first time.




                                    Member Reports & Inquiries

Councillor Berriault    A written report on the AKBM (April 15-17, 1999).

Councillor Stone       No report

Councillor Clarke      A verbal report on:

                                    a)    Family Fun Days June 4-5, 1999.

                                    b)    The recent open house at BV Youth Centre.

                                    c)    The Montrose volunteer reception, attended by 50 residents.

                                    d)    A request for a written cursory estimate in support of the earlier received verbal estimate of what it would have cost to locate the generator for lift station #2 at the public works garage, and what it would have cost to install the generator and controls underground, in preparation for the Townhall Meeting.

                                    e)    A request for a presentation of the 1998 Strategic Plan results for the Townhall Meeting.

                                    f)     Notice of a planned student protest concerning the closure of the Montrose school Thursday, April 29, 1999, from 1:30 to 2:30.

                                    g)    Reference to the Trail regional airport delegation’s request:

                                    Moved by Councillor Clarke

                                    Seconded by Councillor Stone

                                    That Council support the RDKB’s effort to enter into a long-term lease with Cominco to continue to operate, maintain and improve the Trail regional airport.


Councillor Parker       A written report on:

                                    a)    Concern about a precedent of financing schools partially through municipal taxes;

                                    b)    Concern about the CAO having overstepped his authority during the April 9, 1999, meeting with the School Board

                                    c)    The reappearance of “milky” water in the Village’s system;

                                    d)    Request to arrange a visit of the Revelstoke community center during his visit in that community in the morning of May 10, 1999;

                                    e)    Request for follow-through on:

                                            (i)    park maintenance and tennis court lights,

                                            (ii)    8th Avenue railing,

                                            (iii)   tour of the sewage treatment plant

Mayor Walsh              Requested that suggestions on location of the proposed fountain in Montrose Park be submitted to him before the next meeting.

Administrator             Apologized for his forceful intervention during the April 9, 1999, meeting with the School Board.


                                    On a motion by Councillor Clarke, the meeting adjourned at 10:10 PM.


I hereby certify the preceding to be a true and correct account of the Regular Meeting #9-99 of Council held on April 27, 1999.




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                                                      Mayor                                                                Clerk