A meeting of the Committee-of-the-Whole of the Council of the Village of Montrose held in the Council Chambers on February 19, 2001.

Present:                         Mayor M. Walsh

                        Councillor A. Benzer

                        Councillor R. Dostaler

                        Councillor G. Parker

                        Councillor P. Stone

                        Administrator A. Carrel

                        Ms. J. Power, CCERC

                        Ms. K. Mandoli, CCERC

Absent:                        Nil

Call to Order

Mayor Walsh called the meeting to order at 4:15 p.m.


Moved by Councillor Parker

Seconded by Councillor Stone

That the agenda for Committee-of-the-Whole Meeting be adopted as circulated.



The CCERC delegation made presentation requesting consideration of their needs in the allocation of available space in the former pool change room building.

The Committee recommended that:

a)     Council consider subdividing the building and offering CCERC space on a lease basis for their purposes.

b)     CCERC be granted until March 31, 2001, to respond to the offer.

Montrose Change Room Building Plan – Matthes Building Design (MBD)

The Committee recommended that:

a)     the status of the fuel tank locations be confirmed;

b)     the furnace unit be examined;

c)     water and sewer services be verified;

d)     water closets, urinals and sinks be operational;

e)     interior clean-up and renovations be separated from the stabilizing contract;

f)       new exterior door and concrete steps be included in the stabilizing contract;

g)     fencing be excluded from the stabilizing contract;

h)     break-out prices be provided where feasible.

Pool Park – MBD Plans

The Committee recommended that:

a)     the park be structured as a “Memorial Park” and that it be appropriately named;

b)     the low wall option, with a single colour, and Allan block style finish be preferred;

c)     black top or stamped concrete be considered for the pathway;

d)     continuous cedar shrubbery be planted between the berm and fence.



Post Office/Community Bulletin Board – MBD Plans

The Committee recommended that:

      the MBD Montrose Post Office Bulletin Board design be adopted.

Community Hall Renovations

The Committee recommended that:

      MBD be instructed to complete the design and prepare contract documents.

Playground Equipment

The Committee recommended that:

      Proposal calls for playground stations, and activity centers, as per Task Force recommendations, be drafted.

Trail Network

The Committee recommended that:

      Get cost estimate per sq. ft. for black top, stamped concrete, paving stones, including prep and sub base be obtained.

Road Closure – 11th Avenue

The Committee recommended that:

      May 31, 2001, be targeted for the completion of this project.


On a motion by Councillor Parker the meeting adjourned at 5:45 p.m.

I hereby certify the preceding to be a true and correct account of the Committee-of-the-Whole Meeting of Council held on February 19, 2001.



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                    Mayor                      Clerk