A Regular Meeting of the Council of the Village of Montrose held in the Council Chambers on July 3, 2001.

Present:                      Acting Mayor G. Parker

                                    Councillor A. Benzer

                                    Councillor P. Stone

                                    Administrator A. Carrel

Absent:                      Mayor M. Walsh

                                    Councillor R. Dostaler

                                    Call to Order

                                    Acting Mayor Parker called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.


Agenda                     Moved by Councillor Benzer

                                    Seconded by Councillor Stone

                                    That the Agenda for Regular Meeting #17-01 be adopted as circulated.



C. O’Shea                  Mr. C. O’Shea made a presentation to Council on the subject of the standard of maintenance observed on some properties owned by absentee landlords. Mr. O’Shea recommended that Council research the options open to municipal councils to control property maintenance standards.


Meeting #16-01        Moved by Councillor Benzer

                                    Seconded by Councillor Stone

                                    That the minutes of Regular Meeting #16-01 of June 19, 2001, be adopted as circulated.


                                    Consent Calendar

                                    Moved by Councillor Stone

                                    Seconded by Councillor Benzer

                                    That the Consent Calendar including:

(1)        Regional Fire Services May Incident Report;

(2)        MIA Risk Management Tidbits, and

(3)        June Bylaw Enforcement Report

                                    be accepted as circulated.


                                    Motions & Submissions


                                    Referrals From Prior Meetings

City of Delta              Ministry of Agriculture and City of Delta; correspondence relating to the Order in Council to prevent the City of Delta to amend its zoning bylaws.


Well Performance     Water consumption graphic design and statistical report.

                                    Council directed that the water consumption chart be modified by changing the title to “Village of Montrose Water Use Graph,” inserting the month names instead of numbers, and by stating the volume units used. Council directed that the chart be displayed on bulletin board.

Bylaw Enforcement  Role of Village employees in bylaw enforcement.

                                    Council directed that Polaroid pictures of poorly maintained properties be sent to absentee property owners with a request that greater care be given to property maintenance.


Emergency Prep.      An invitation from the Director of the Provincial Emergency Program to attend the 14th Annual emergency Preparedness Conference in Vancouver, October 16-18, 2001.


TRH Foundation         A request from Mr. R. Clarke, Director of Development, Trail Regional Hospital Foundation, for the loan six banquet tables from July 13 to July 16, 2001.

                                    Moved by Councillor Benzer

                                    Seconded by Councillor Stone

                                    That six banquet tables be donated to the TRH Foundation from July 13, to 16, 2001, at no charge to the TRH Foundation.


UBCM Forum             An invitation from the UBCM to submit topics for discussion at the Small Communities Forum during the UBCM Convention on September 25, 2001.

                                    Referred to next meeting

Salmon Arm               An invitation from the District of Salmon Arm to participate with other municipalities in negotiations for a renewed BC Gas franchise agreement.

                                    Moved by Councillor Stone

                                    Seconded by Councillor Benzer

                                    That a response be drafted for consideration by Council to determine if municipalities who recently signed new franchise agreements might be interested to coordinate efforts in preparation for the next round of negotiations.


Landfill Ban                 Notice from the RDKB Waste Management Coordinator of an expanded landfill ban to take effect on September 1, 2001.

                                    Council directed staff not to pick up waste that is in clear conflict with the new regulations, and to monitor the RDKB’s education campaign. Council suggested that the feasibility of a monthly pick-up service for compostable material be examined.

Blue Box                      Response from the RDKB Waste Management Coordinator to Council’s questions of June 6, 2001, concerning costs and other contract details of the blue box program.




                                    Moved by Councillor Stone

                                    Seconded by Councillor Benzer

                                    That a draft response be prepared for Council’s consideration to advised the RDKB that Council will consider Montrose’s participation in the blue box program once the Board has made its decisions on all cost elements of the program.


BC Gas                       Information from BC Gas’ Community Relations Manager on the proposal by the company to construct the Inland Pacific Connector.


GTCHC                       Invitation to attend a “Quality End of Life Care” presentation by Senator Sharon Carstairs in Castlegar on July 8, 2001.


Highway #3               Draft letter from the Highway #3 Corridor Mayors and Chairs Committee to the Minister of Transport.


Playgrounds               Submission from Matthes Building Design Inc. with a layout proposal for the new playground equipment in Montrose, Viewmont, and Frontier Park.

                                    Council directed that approval be sought from SD #20 to locate the new swings on school property.

                                    Council directed that information be obtained from the City of Trail on the reasons for fencing in their water park.

                                    Moved by Councillor Stone

                                    Seconded by Councillor Benzer

                                    That the playground equipment layout proposed by Matthes Building Design Inc. for Montrose Park, Viewmont Park, and Frontier Park be approved.


City of Trail                 Appreciation for Council’s participation in the Birthday Cake for Schools program.


BV Youth Centre      A request from the Beaver Valley Youth Centre for additional funding support.

                                    Referred to the next meeting.

                                    REPORTS & MEMORANDA

USL                              A report from R. Runzer, Urban Systems Ltd., on the status of current projects.


                                    Council directed that arrangements be made for a joint public presentation of the Beaver Falls/Montrose Water Study.

Land Donation          Administrator - a report with recommendations concerning the offer from Mr. D. Carroll to donate certain properties to the Village.



                                    Moved by Councillor Stone

                                    Seconded by Councillor Benzer

                                    That the Village solicitor be instructed to execute the transfer of the property in the name of the Village, and

                                    That a receipt in the amount of $16,100 be issued to Mr. Carroll for the donation of the land, and

                                    That the Village assume the 2001 taxes due on the property.


Park Building               Administrator – a report with recommendations regarding options for the financing of the renovations to the Parks building.

                                    Moved by Councillor Stone

                                    Seconded by Councillor Benzer

That the bid of $65,023 from Hil-Tech Contracting Limited for the Park Building Renovation Project be adopted, and

That the contract specification be reviewed for the purpose of reducing the scope of the project, and

That a bylaw be prepared under section 334.4 of the Local Government Act to authorize the borrowing of $56,850 for the Park Building Renovation Project, and

That the immediate cash requirements for the project be drawn from the Recreation Capital Reserve, and

That the MFA Surplus from Issue #37 be transferred to the Unappropriated Reserve for Future Capital Expenditures, and

That exercising the borrowing authority under the section 334.4 Bylaw be considered on the basis of the November 2001 financial statements.


                                    Council directed that the financing of the Parks Building Renovation Project be placed on agenda of the next strategic and financial planning sessions.

                                    Financial matters

Accounts Payable   Moved by Councillor Stone

#4726 - 4742              Seconded by Council Benzer

                                    That the commitments and expenditures represented by the accounts payable listed below be authorized and that the payment in the amount of TWENTY THOUSAND AND SIXTEEN dollars and NINETY-NINE cents ($20,016.99) in total be approved:

                                    Payroll direct deposits and cheques #4726-4742                $  20,016.99

                                    TOTAL NET CURRENT EXPENDITURE                                  $  20,016.99





Policy #1790              Moved by Councillor Benzer

                                    Seconded by Councillor Stone

                                    That Policy #1790, being the Purchasing Policy, be confirmed unchanged.


Policy #0630              Moved by Councillor Benzer

                                    Seconded by Councillor Stone

That Policy #0630, being the Proclamation Policy, be confirmed unchanged.


                                    Member Reports & Inquiries

Councillor Stone       A verbal report on:

a)       Montrose Park, extra time by administrator to prepare playground installations.

b)       Notify Park Committee for ground breaking of playground installation;

c)       Staff to meet with Mr. Bertolussi to create a viewpoint at 7th Avenue;

d)       Meeting one half-hour early next meeting to look at Park amenities for catalogue.

Councillor Benzer      A verbal report on:

.                                   a)   Highway #3 Mayors’ Meeting;

b)     CCERC activities, donation of $1,000 from BV Lions Club;

c)     Water booklet has been revised for Montrose.

Councillor Parker       A verbal report:

a)     Community policing meeting;

b)     Doggy bag dispensers, get information.

Councillor Dostaler   No report.

Mayor Walsh              No report.

Administrator             No  report.


                                    On a motion by Councillor Stone the meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

I hereby certify the preceding to be a true and correct account of the Regular Meeting #17-01 of Council held on July 3, 2001.



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                                       Mayor                                                                                       Deputy Clerk